Ponzu Protocol

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The Vision

Hamachi Finance created the first meme-fi primitive, allowing users to accumulate future blue chip projects on Arbitrum and beyond. The Ponzu Protocol is the first meme-fi lego built on Hamachi, allowing users to bet their rewards for a chance of winning the jackpot.

Ponzu, the Secret Sauce.

The Ponzu Game

$HAMI holders stake their tokens on the Ponzu Protocol. By doing so they forfeit their rewards to the Ponzu Game pool. As long as their $HAMI tokens are deposited, each staker gets a chance to make it big by winning the Jackpot.

The Winner Takes all

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Go Ponzu

You can't wait to dip your $HAMI into some delicious Ponzu? This is how it works:

1. Deposit $HAMI (Max 5M HAMI per wallet)
2. $HAMI tokens in Ponzu accrue daily rewards
3. Rounds have a duration of 3 days
4. One Winner takes all

Check your chances of winning the Ponzu Sauce on our dashboard

*Ponzu has integrated QRNG (100% randomizer, no fixed results)
*Ponzu is not a guarantee, but allows for smaller balance holders to own more Hamachi


The Secret Sauce:
Ponzu DAE

Ponzu's core is a simple but powerful smart contract called the Ponzu Decentralized Autonomous Entity (DAE). There is no team or company earning money from hosting the Ponzu Game. Instead, 10% from each draws price pool is being fed to the DAE.

The DAE contract is locked and upgradeable so once in motion it turns into an on-chain natural force: nobody can stop it or even touch the $HAMI it devoured ever again. The DAE does receive rewards and the only thing it does is "Go HAMI" (swapping the rewards tokens for more $HAMI) after every Ponzu draw.

While there is only one winner for each Ponzu Game draw, the DAE makes sure that every $HAMI holder comes out a winner in the long run.

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